To: <>

Good Day,

I am Mrs. Stephanie Shawn and I have decided to have my confidence on you by donating this to the Charities, based on the instructions passed by my late husband Mr. Steve H. Shawn. I am 70 years old and I am diagnosed with cancer years ago, this happened before the death of my late husband who was an engineer doing some government approved awarded contracts and other private entities, this money I want to donate originates from over invoice arranged by some government officials in favor of my late husband's company few years back, and accidentally my late husband died under one of the heavy duty equipment at one of his construction sites, and we had not a single child of our own to count on.

I am highly touched to donate what I have inherited from my late husband for an investment and the proceeds from this investment will be channeled to the good work into charities. He sounded a warning not to allow his relatives to get involved in this left fund. My health will not permit me to carry out some of these activities, and I am afraid that I can possibly die each day that passes by, and life may give me no choice than to answer the call any time God wants me back home.

I managed to get your contact details online in my desperate search for a trustworthy person to assist me invest in this transaction. I am also highly worried about my health and other life challenges. Recently, the doctors told me that I might not live longer, just a few months after they diagnosed me with chronic/acute lymphoma or mellitus [leukemia], a blood cancer in both the bone marrow and in the blood itself which leads to serious bleeding and infection. I have been undergoing blood transfusion and it gives me some concerns. I belong to the high class, but feed like a leper as a result of my sickness. I want you to help out in carrying out my last wish on earth which will be very profitable to us. The total amount I want to WILL/Donate to you is the sum of $25.5 million US (Twenty Five Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) for an investment and which I want you to distribute yearly from the proceeds of the investments to any charity home and the rest for yourself and your family which I will inform you on how to share the fund as a part of instructions left behind by late husband towards the transfer of this sum of money.

And for further information please try to reply to me as much as you can.

Regards in sincerity,